A sanctuary devoted to the revival of ancient wisdom

Dear visitor,

This space was conceived as a landing place for all funambulists of the road less travelled. 

It is an intervention of our modern culture founded on patriarchal and colonial narratives, and situates itself upon the current ecological and socio-political landscape, taking seriously its role in dismantling systems of oppression through radical re-discovery of self and our origins.

You may consider this space as a trans-continental refuge in which to gather with fellow like-minded companions around the world to explore first-hand encounters with the sacred in a way that is avant-garde, experiential, and simple.

Students at the Virtual Temple currently come from the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, South Asia, Europe, the UK,

and the Americas.

Courses, mentorship and healing sessions are offered, as well as monthly and seasonal events.

All offerings are virtual unless otherwise specified. 



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I have been a student of Gabriela’s since last March. On a practical level, Gabriela’s courses have given me much-needed grounding during these turbulent times, and a deepened sense of community with a beautiful sisterhood of women from all walks of life - creatives and writers and stewards of the land amongst others, from a broad range of ages. 


Sitting alongside women from their 20s to their 60s has been such a transformative part of my journey. You would be amazed by the wondrous sharing that unfolds in Gabriela’s sacred container. She offers a well-researched and hands-off approach for your own magic to unfold. She creates a protective space and provides much guidance, while allowing for your own individual spark to shine.


On a metaphysical level, my connection to Spirit, Earth and Self has soared. I feel I am slowly birthing my most loving, relaxed and fully expressed self: a woman who sings and dances barefoot on the land while maintaining a practical and rooted life.


I cannot recommend Gabriela’s courses highly enough. To me there is no doubt she is amongst the great teachers on this Earth. Despite her humility and the apparent simplicity of her teachings, I have come to witness the depth of research that goes behind them and the expertise she wields, with ease, levity and grace, as is the feminine way.

 Noora Alqassimi, United Nations,  Abu Dhabi