"Gabriela is a mistress of transformation."


Gabriela Gutierrez is an artist, writer, and practitioner of the oracular arts and shamanism.  With a mixed cultural heritage and an unusual childhood raised in movement, her multi-lingual and inclusive approach create a unique container to catalyse change.


Born to a Welsh mother and a Spanish father, Gabriela was raised in five countries and attended ten different schools.  She is a polyglot, and speaks English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, basic Arabic and some Serbo-Croat.  She continued to travel extensively throughout her adulthood, and her body of work draws from her decade of travels in Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Europe.  


Two major events called Gabriela onto the shamanic path.  The first of these was a strange illness on her fourteenth birthday while she was on a trip to Tanzania with her family.  Her father, having befriended the local fishermen, had unbeknownst to him also made friends with the village shaman, who was a fisherman among them.  The shaman tended Gabriela back to full health.  The second was a near-death experience when she was 21 years old.  She was hit by a car in London and wheel-chair bound for three months. 


These two events brought on a series of spontaneous encounters with shamans, renunciants, and spiritual wisdom keepers.  The first took place in 2011 while she was protecting indigenous land rights in Bolivia following her accident.  Then another chance-encounter with a Sufi mystic in Morocco, a Catholic vagabond on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and finally a Jain nun who invited her to live in her temple in Rajasthan in 2013 and lead a life of renunciation.  After three months of an ascetic lifestyle, Gabriela then apprenticed with a Peruvian shaman in North Peru, before beginning her in-depth training within the Lyceum (formerly known as the Path of Pollen), a gynocentric shamanic tradition that has its roots in Old Europe.  She has assisted her teacher Naomi Lewis on introductory and advanced trainings for many years at The Sacred Trust, with both women and men, and has completed a three-year training in classical shamanism with Simon Buxton, followed by a three-year training in the oracular arts of the temple priestesses of Delphi, the Melissae and Pythia. 


Gabriela is the founder of The Virtual Temple, where she currently teaches and offers distance healing.

To read more about Gabriela's journey in her own words, press here.

Working with Gabriela has been unlike any other self-discovery process I've ever engaged in. She is a deeply wise and gentle guide who is helping me deepen my respect for my intuition and honor my own process.


When she drums and I go on a journey, I can literally feel myself move into another dimension, where thought and judgement are suspended and I am given messages and answers about the questions I have brought to a session. I have gone on several journeys with Gabriela's guidance, and each one has been different and revealed new things to me, but each has also been very similar in its structure and sense of complete safety.


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