We must die as egos and be born again in the swarm, not separated and self-hypnotized, but individual and related."

- Henry Miller

Initiatory teachings tell us that we must learn how to die to fully live. Spiritual deaths are ways of clearing the old debris we accumulate throughout life. In shamanism, a form of spiritual death is called dismemberment. Belonging to the family of “death mysteries,” it is a process of dissolution which may lead to renewal and a return “to the bones,” the essentials of being.


These ceremonies take place monthly, on the last Sunday of every month.

Open to all genders.
4.30-6pm UK | £20

Registration now open for June, July & August.

dismemberment of watakame.jpg

The dismemberment of Watakame, Huichol, Mexico, 1973.

dismemberment chhinnamasta.jpg

Chhinnamasta, She whose head is severed, Punjab, 19th Century

Separation of body and soul, from the alchemical manuscript 'Splendor Solis,' 1882.

What a beautiful event! It was a wonderful gift to end this crazy month. I experienced the ceremony very deeply, and felt full of new energy afterwards. 

Gabriela is very talented transmitting the work and expressing herself. I loved how each sound took me on a journey to different places. 

A thousand thank yous for sharing it with me. 

 — Claudio Araño Hernandez, Student, Spain