Oracular Dreamwork

Intentional dreaming is an aspect of shamanic work beloved to many folk traditions including European bee shamanism. When we choose to intentionally dream spirit allies such as the bee, we engage with the more than human world as guides, messengers and symbols.  

All dream sessions include an oracular dream interpretation known as a Dream Mirror, as practiced within the Lyceum tradition (European bee shamanism). Personal dream work sessions are meant to help guide and empower you in your own dream work, as well as provide intuitive dream reflections.  

Sessions are 60 minutes and offered via Zoom.  Meant to be used as a tool for personal growth and dream work development, shamanic dreaming and oracular techniques are used as necessary.  Dream prescriptions and homework is often recommended. 

Open to all genders.

Duration: 60 minutes

Fee: £45

Joint oracular dream sessions with Gabriela and Ariella Daly


These sessions offer a multifaceted tapestry of your dream.

As graduates of the first cohort of the Pythoness training within the Lyceum, Gabriela and Ariella are extensively trained in dream work and offer oracular interpretations, as well as their Dream Activism initiative which they lead every 6 weeks.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Fee: £60

For joint sessions please fill out a contact form.

Dream Activism

All ancient peoples recognised that the Earth is alive. A living Earth can only be known through participatory processes. 

One way is dreamwork. Every six weeks, at the turn of the Celtic Wheel, Gabriela and Ariella invite dozens of dreamers around the world to collectively dream with the Earth for a healed Earth. 

Dreaming with intention is a practice that was undertaken by our earliest ancestors, and is a tool that can be used to affect outer reality. By engaging in this practice, we can alter the world around us and contribute to the healing of our Earth.

To participate in the next round of Dream Activism, please fill out a contact form.


Gabriela and Ariella are both graduates from the Lyceum where they have trained extensively under the practices, healing and seership of European bee shamanism. A key component of this lineage involves dream work, and the kind of dream weaving you witness on this site.


Gabriela and Ariella both teach extensively in virtual and in-person settings. We are also fond of gallivanting around wild countrysides together, meditating by ancient wells, dancing with the fey folk, and drinking tea in cozy shops.


The task of dream activism is taken with upmost care and honor. By dreaming with the earth for a healed earth, we believe we can all be a part of weaving ourselves back into wholeness with the living Earth.


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