What is the Virtual Temple?

The VT is an online space dedicated to the revival of ancient wisdom.  It is a mystery school where students gather from all over the world, from the comfort of their own homes, to learn ancient shamanic methodologies in a contemporary way, and apply them to their own lives.  There are 1:1 private mentoring sessions, 1:1 shamanic healing sessions, monthly events, 3 to 6 week courses, and an 8-month training.    

What are the monthly events?


On every New Moon there is a free movement practice open to anyone who identifies as a womxn, and on the last Sunday of every month, there is a Dismemberment Ceremony open to all genders.  Both last 90 minutes.


Where do classes & sessions take place?


All offerings take place on Zoom. 



How do I know if this work is right for me? 


There is the option of scheduling a 20 minute Discovery Call with Gabriela to establish whether this work is the right fit.



Do I need to have prior knowledge of shamanism or a spiritual practice? 


No, all classes and sessions are set up to accommodate all levels of knowledge.  The 8-Month Training is slightly more advanced, and an initial call may be asked of participants who have not studied at the Virtual Temple before.  



Is this work open to all genders? 


Yes, unless otherwise specified.  Some offerings are only open to folks who identify as a womxn or with the inner womb space.  But this will be clear on each course description.  The Dismemberment Ceremony, Seeing in the Dark course and 1:1 sessions are open to all genders.



Are there any in-person events?


Yes, some in-person events will be resumed after the pandemic. 



What 1:1 sessions are offered and how long are they?


Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Mentoring are the 1:1 sessions.  Both of these last 90 minutes.  Shamanic Healing offers a brief follow-up call 1 month after the session.


What is the format of Shamanic Mentoring and what can one expect?


These 1:1 sessions offer personalised support using vibrant shamanic techniques to support in all life's endeavours.  One can expect to identify the Soul Path (the path of highest potential in our life), cultivate a relationship with guiding spirits, gain evermore insight into the questions 'Who am I?' and 'Why am I here?', and step into further self-empowerment, sovereignty and freedom.


Mentoring usually takes place over 3-6 sessions for 90 minutes once a fortnight or once a month, with personalised resources to cultivate between meetings.



What is the format of the courses?


Courses are structured to meet for either 90 minutes or 2 hours, once a week for three to six weeks, with practices, resources and dreamwork to undertake between sessions.



Is it possible to schedule a customised session?


Personalised sessions are available upon request.  For instance, if you would like to learn more about something specific, such as dreamwork, embodied shamanic journeying, meeting a spirit ally, or connecting with the womb, please fill out a contact form.


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