In my own words...

Thank you for being here.  For the sake of transparency, I would like to share my background in my own words.  In a world dense with cultural appropriation and false prophets, if the intention of this work is to truly dismantle these systems of oppression, perhaps a good place to start as facilitators is with full disclosure of ourselves.


I was catapulted onto the spiritual path by two major events in my life.  The first of these was an illness on my fourteenth birthday while I was in Tanzania with my family.  My father, having befriended the local fishermen, had unbeknownst to him also made friends with the village shaman, who was himself a fisherman as well. When word spread in the village of my illness, the shaman came to my bedside and tended me back to full health.


The second event was in 2011 when I was 21 years old.  I was cycling home after a late night of studying for an anthropology exam at my London university, when I was hit by a taxi.  I catapulted over the roof of the car, and experienced what I found later in life to be known as a near-death experience.  Though witness accounts state I was conscious and talking, my only memory consists of floating in a vast darkness until I was sung back into my body by a friend singing Edith Piaf's La Vie en Rose at the hospital.  The collision broke my leg in two parts and had me wheel-chair bound for three months. 

These two events brought on a series of spontaneous encounters with shamans, renunciants, and spiritual wisdom keepers over the following decade.  The first took place in the Amazon basin in Bolivia in 2011 while I was working with a law firm protecting indigenous land rights a few months after my accident.  The next was a chance-encounter with a Sufi mystic in Morocco, followed by a Catholic renunciant on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and finally a Jain nun who invited me to live in her temple in Rajasthan in 2013 and lead a life of renunciation.  After three months of an ascetic lifestyle, I apprenticed with a Peruvian shaman in North Peru for six months.  I then trained as a Hypnotherapist in 2014, before beginning an apprenticeship in the practices, healing and seership of European bee shamanism.  I assisted my teacher Naomi Lewis on introductory and advanced trainings for five years with both women and men, while completing her three-year training in the oracular arts of the Grecian temple traditions of the Pythia, alongside a three-year training in classical shamanism with Simon Buxton.

I do not claim to be a spiritual authority in any way, my work is constantly evolving, and I am most interested in the experiential ways we can revive ancient wisdom though the simple and seemingly ordinary.  At the essence of my work is a love affair with the natural world, and the hope for us all to find our own inner authority and personal relationship with the sacred.  Here to learn.