The Pollen Method is a European form of shamanic healing. Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice dating back approximately 200,000 years, and involves a partnership between the practitioner and the more-than-human-world. This methodology stems from bee shamanism, a practice that centres around the honey bee and the hive, and whose roots can be traced back through Britain, Eastern Europe and the temple traditions of the Melissae in Ancient Greece. It is an indefinitely ancient form of alchemical energy medicine combined with oracular seership (intuitive spirit-driven guidance). Here we work with the restoration and remembrance of the true self, or divine countenance, and the opportunity to be reconnected into the greater hidden universe once again.


There are a number of distinguishing features to this practice. Firstly, its practitioners are exclusively female. This is due to the importance the womb plays in the method, being an agent and vessel of intelligence able to see, scan, witness and inform the practitioner.


Secondly, the majority of the work takes place in semi-darkness - darkness being an important ally and teacher in the workings of this holistic practice, better able to reveal the luminosity of the client to the practitioner and client alike.

At the end of the session, a focus will be given to life after healing, particularly how to create healthier lives for ourselves and others after the healing has taken place.

Depending on what is needed by each particular individual, aspects of classical shamanic healing may also be integrated into the session. These may include soul retrieval, extraction, power animal retrieval, ancestral healing, curse unravelling and psychopomp work (assisting the deceased to cross over).

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Sessions take place on Zoom and last 90 minutes. 

Open to all genders.

Rate:  £150



Gabriela’s gentle manner belies the power which she is capable of manifesting through a distance healing. The work she did for me sunk very deep, and rippled out in very concrete evolutions in my life. In a flash what had been percolating ideas were being acted upon with confidence and momentum. 

In our follow up chat, Gabriela offered to do some extra work for me, a soul retrieval. Aside from the kindness and such generosity, again I can now look back and see that my achievements since then were a galvanising of the influence of this work. My immense gratitude and respect go to Gabriela, and I would recommend to anyone that they could trust her skill and sincerity with this work. 


—  Dechen Shaw

Writer Wales, UK