“Hard times require furious dancing.{...}


The world has changed: it did not change without your prayers without your faith without your determination to believe in liberation and kindness; without your dancing through the years that had no beat."


- Alice Walker

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Movement can be one of the greatest sources of support, healing and transformation. Once a month, on every New Moon, return to the body. 


In a 90 minute guided movement meditation that draws on female shamanic practice and the teachings of the temple priestesses of antiquity, enter a monthly sanctuary where the entirety of who you are is welcome. 

Open to anyone who identifies as a woman or with the inner womb space.
5-6:30pm UK | £20

Registration now open for November & December.

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It's hard to find the words to describe the depth of the experience of being in one of Gabriela's sessions, whether it’s a one-on-one or in a group.  What I know is that I feel held with love and compassion and guided into the sacred ancient practices by someone who embodies the wisdom of the teachings. Hers are the sessions I turn to for deep healing and transformation.  Thank you. 

Kim Bradle | Yoga Teacher | New Jersey, USA


These events have been such a beautiful, safe space to explore the depths of my pwn psyche, while guided gently by Gabriela's own insight.  It's also a great way to meet other people along the same journey, sisters to share and grow with.  I can't recommend it enough!

Noni Arahill | Writer | South Africa


Thank you - that was so beautiful. I felt so safe and held and led through supportive ebbs and flows of imaginal tides.

Lydia Rose Frith |  UK


Wow! Gabriela, that was such a powerful New Moon dance for me! Thank you so much for crafting and holding such a potent container. I felt as though I was dancing patriarchy right out of me - expelling and releasing so many layers of conditioning and trauma-patterning - re-inhabiting my body in such an intimate way. “Soft and strong” indeed!


Lisa Schenkelberg |  Visual Artist & Holistic Healing Arts Practitioner Ohio, USA