“Hard times require furious dancing.
The world has changed: it did not change without your prayers without your faith without your determination to believe in liberation and kindness; without your dancing through the years that had no beat."

- Alice Walker

This space provides a monthly sanctuary where the entirety of who you are is welcome. 

Movement can be one of the greatest sources of support, healing and transformation. Once a month, on every New Moon, join a gathering of women from around the world to dance in global sisterhood. We will seed our intentions for the month ahead, and experience the infinite possibility in 'The Dance.' 

These dances take place on every New Moon.

Open to anyone who identifies as a woman or with the inner womb space.
5-6:30pm UK | £15

ancient greek dance.jpg

Registration now open for June, July & August.


The women's virtual moon ceremonies have been such a beautiful, safe space to explore the depths of my pwn psyche, while guided gently by Gabriela's own insight.

It's also a great way to meet other people along the same journey, sisters to share and grow with. 

I can't recommend it enough!

 — Noni, Writer, South Africa