Once a season, women trained in the oracular arts - known in ancient Greece as the Pythia - offer spirit-led guidance to questions received from participants. On the designated four times a year, participants are invited to send in their questions related to anything from health, work, relationships, family, and the future, as well as guidance on answering some of life's essential questions, such as, 'Why am I here?'. 'What is my next appointment?' and 'What is my Sacred Dream?'

The Seers then engage in the oracular arts to retrieve answers to the questions. The answers are subsequently sent to participants in the form of audio recordings. 




This offering is run alongside Chelsy Arber and Ariella Daly

To receive the instructions and send in your questions,

please fill out a contact form.



May I say, thank you! Thank you for this experience. I am so grateful. Your readings have helped solidify what I’ve somehow already known. This was my first oracular reading, but not my first spiritual guidance session. This was for new one of the most clear messages I’ve ever received. It really helped clear up and align everything else that’s been seen for me over the last couple of years. It was like the final piece I needed before moving forward into my next chapter. "  




Thank you so much for this absolute jewel of a message. I felt the real emotion of it each word ringing true. It’s going to be my daily meditation & affirmation, soothed by Gabriela’s voice. Gratitude to the Temple!




I want to thank each of you profusely!!!
I'm so grateful to be able to dip into oracle work with you all regularly. 

These three were the most potent yet and I'm taking the rich wisdom into my bones. 

Deeply grateful and looking forward to next time.




Thank you from deep in my heart to yours, all three. This offering is powerful, in the here and now and for the approaching, unravelling and revealing months ahead. It has become a guiding light, a hearth-fire to sit by for me, a sensitive soul, a seeking soul—always asking questions and looking to better myself, to whittle towards a better version of myself and in turn, the world itself


May all your days be blessed!