The intention of this program is to retrieve wombic ways of knowing, to excavate the teachings of pre-patriarchal lost lineages from the ancient past, and to gather our own, unique threads of knowledge to spin our New World and Sacred Dreams into being. 


As we emerge out of the global dismemberment of 2020, we can reclaim our sacred task as custodians of the Earth and the natural world, and become active participants in the weaving of the world we leave behind for our descendants.


We will build a Temenos, the holy ground of our life and work, the Sacred Space to enclose our work within the nucleus of our homes both inside and out, and compile our Sacred Tools.


We will deepen our sense of belonging and sisterhood/siblinghood and cultivate a global community with like-minded women around the world.

And we will refine our mistressry of the teachings held sacred to the womb shamans and temple priestesses of the ancient past in order to further cultivate a form of gnosis, or spiritual knowledge, that stems from direct revelation from the gods. By deepening our relationship with the spirits and the divinatory tools that enable our communion with them, we seek to become ever-more sovereign mistresses of our own domain. 

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This program runs yearly, from January to August.

Over the eight months, we will meet on the first Sunday of the month for three-hour live video calls at 4:30pm to 7:30pm UK time.


These time have been set up to cater to as many time zones as possible; particularly Europe, the UK, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East. 

Live classes will not be recorded. However, exceptions may be made. Please be in touch if there is a date you cannot attend.


Jan 2nd, Feb 6th, March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st, June 5th, July 3rd, August 7th & August 27th.

RATE:  650 GBP

Includes eight three-hour live classes, guest teacher appearances, reading resources and closing ceremony.

This program is open to anyone who identifies as a woman or with the inner womb space. 

Placements are limited.



My life changed within these eight months of training.  I confess, I did not know in the beginning the extension and power of what I was diving into, and I'm very thankful that you expanded this work into online classes so it could reach people on the other side of the world, like me.  Learning that power is within us and having the space and container to access and feel it is magical!  Hearing other sister's stories and experiences and having a teacher so present and embodied gave me so much strength and courage to hear (and heal) myself, my own history and all the histories that came intertwined.  Now I'm not afraid of myself anymore and I believe in me and all that I see, experience and feel, as an Earth-honorer and a woman of power, sight and sovereignty. 


So thank you Gabriela, once again, for being yourself, for showing up the way you do and for this amazing work of ours that brings us so much empowerment, beauty and strength.  Thank you for not forgetting the old ways and for helping us remember them.

Rebeca Nogueira | Flower Therapist & Doula | Brazil 


This training has been a powerful container to dive deeper into connection with both the wisdom of the body and my own sovereignty. Gabriela holds a space for deep self-enquiry, an excavation and remembering of the divine and ancient wisdom that each of us carry within us. During this course I was inspired by Gabriela's solid depth of research and knowledge that she has culminated over many years of practice. This work has led me into deeper connection with my own body as a divine vessel for healing, wisdom and self-empowerment. I've illuminated and let go of many old and disempowering belief systems that were holding me back from knowing myself as a woman of power. This is a very special body of work that has also inspired and empowered my own, as both a practitioner and facilitator.

Jaime Elder Shamanic Practitioner Peru


Gabriela’s program is like non-other.  It is powerful and transformative, which are not words I use lightly.  The beauty of the course is that it is experiential. Each month we explored an energy centre in the body and used simple practices to help deepen our relationship with it. The result was that each women in the group had their own felt sense of the energy centres, what knowledge they held her for and what they wanted to show. This is very different from intellectual learning; it is body wisdom. It is your own and your body is your teacher. Every woman in the group found her own unique healing, expression and sovereignty. Not one of us was unchanged. I have such gratitude for being able to be part of this course and to have shared the experience with so many sisters from across the globe. Thank you.  

Julia Alderman | Yoga Teacher & Nutritional Therapist | UK


Materia Prima has been a beautifully intense experience and journey to embody and witness . 

An introduction to the tools we hold within our bodies to heal and empower our selves. An access that I am now available to enter whenever I want thanks to the humble and knowledgeable teachings of Gabriela. A highly recommended experience you will be for ever grateful to carry with you in your life.


Barbara Pugliese | Artist | Italy


I don’t think I could be, or would be, taking this big leap in my life if it weren’t for this beautiful and deep work that I have been blessed to be doing with you and the Sisters… so I wanted to say thank you, again, for everything. Not only for all of your wisdom, knowledge, love and presence that you share with us, but also for always including me in the Hive, for valuing my presence, for believing in me - for everything. Thank you dearest Gabriela.

Candice Kali Snow | Holistic Therapist | UK